Héneault et Gosselin

Underpinning services

We offer many innovative underpinning work services adapted to your needs. No matter what your issues are, our team of experts will resolve them, whether it is a replacement, the addition of new foundations to your home, retaining work, excavation, concrete pouring or stabilizing vertical piles installation.

If the solution doesn’t exist yet, we’ll invent it!

Why should you entrust us with your underpinning works?

Many reasons related to that particular type of work lead people to call upon our expertise, and here are the major ones:

  • Only qualified experts know exactly how to consider the soil characteristics including its bearing capacities.
  • Our five branches have developed specialties in many underpinning work fields which allows us to offer a wide variety of services.
  • We have developed a proven technique allowing us to install piles in restrictive and risky places without causing any issues to the surrounding buildings.
  • Our experts can level your building structure, fill and repair cracks and waterproof your foundations.
  • A careful know-how is required when performing a building uplifting, a repairing or rebuilding of foundations and replacing the building on the newly installed foundations.
  • Very few qualified contractors own an underpinning, uplifting or building moving license. Only the experts at Héneault & Gosselin are qualified.
  • Underpinning experts must be able to eliminate the bad materials that are causing the weakening and issues to your foundations and replace them with the necessary materials.
  • Efficiently eliminate pyrite and pyrrhotite using economical techniques.

It is very important to know that our work is guaranteed by the company and covered by our insurances.

Did you know you could get a grant for certain types of work? Let our experts tell you all about the details!