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How to stabilize a building built on unstable ground?

9 September 2015

Have you noticed cracks on your interior walls? Do your floors squeak under your feet or do they take an unusual slope? Is it becoming harder to close your windows and doors? Beware, because all these signs could mean that your house has been built on a clay soil that is beginning to collapse, causing damages to your foundations.

In wet weather or during heavy rains, clay does not only get waterlogged, it also retains water. Thus it absolutely has the capacity to support a new building. However, in times of drought or if mature trees swill down the clay water, the clay begins to crumble and the soil collapses. This expansion-shrinking cycle severely damages your foundations. Clay is actually the primary cause of landslides, and thus of foundation damages.

Nonetheless, do not worry if you have recently acquired a piece of clayey land with the intention of building your future home. Thanks to the installation of preventive piles developed by Heneault & Gosselin, it is now possible to build on clay, swamp and low bearing capacity soils. It is certainly an advantageous measure to ensure the durability of your construction project.

In case of landslides, piles are your best option. They straighten up your foundations and stabilize them permanently. You can say goodbye to cracks and say hello to your home’s full value as they also waterproof your foundations. If you are considering building on a clay soil or if you have noticed signs of damage caused by clay, don’t wait another moment and call us, we will be pleased to assist you.

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